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Pier 448
Friesian Sire


Harmen 424
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.3 hands

Pieter Paul is an exceptionally nice sporthorse with a phenomenal pedigree, and amazing history of accomplishments!

Not only is he very well trained under saddle with solid dressage show experience  with a variety of riders competing up to 3rd level (he currently has 3 winning points in 3rd level with his young rider and will quickly have his SPORT predicate)--he is also REALLY a beginner proof horse which the entire family can enjoy their time in the saddle on.
This LONG haired friesian gelding for sale has MEGA MANE and a phenomenal pedigree, sired by Pier 448 and out of a dam by Harmen 424. His excellent pedigree is testament to his HIGH quality. 

This jet black hunk  was very well bred and raised with the utmost care and attention, and has truly been a FAMILY horse--not your typical sale horse in a "sale barn", Pieter has always been loved and well cared for--and it SHOWS in his sweet temperament and kind eye.  He is a true gentle soul that will adjust his level to the RIDER.  Here is an excellent match for the "scared rider" that needs SAFE SAFE SAFE.  Just watch the vids above---no matter the level of rider, PP will take care of YOU.  


Want to ride bareback? No problem with Pieter.  Halter and lead rope AND bareback? Also no problem for PP. Galloping on a beach by yourself? Pieter will take care of you.  Want to run THOUGH the water and not have to worry about a horse spooking and dumping you?? PP is YOUR man:):)


Pieter has shown Training, First, Second and Third level dressage with an array of junior and very amateur riders, always coming out on top, and increasing each rider's confidence each time, due to his level headed, non-spooky  nature.The judges ALWAYS comment on his fantastic, easy 3 beat smooth canter----in the dressage tests, he always gets 8's and above for the canter parts! 

Would you like to ride through loud busy traffic? Pieter is traffic safe.   Want to work on your balance with no stirrups, or no reins??  Pieter is your man.  


One of my favorite vids above is of this LONG haired friesian for sale, and his pasture-mate--frolicking and bucking at each other---Piet is such a HAPPY horse, he even knows how to SMILE on cue in photos!  

The quality of this boy is evident in his very athletic build and his amazing disposition! Oh, and did we mention, Pieter also JUMPS!  And is GOOD at it---fox hunting could be in his future too!

Pieter Paul is soooooo easy to handle. A joy to work with. Not a hot head at all, not spooky. He is very trusting, calm and relaxed. Pieter has a strong work ethic, ideal conformation, and beautiful movement, and is very suitable for ANY level rider.  He has a plethora of competitive dressage experience AND is an ideal family/pleasure horse.


Just look at all the different photos of varying types of riders enjoying their time w/ this black labrador Friesian gelding for sale!

Pieter measures 170 cm, which translates to 16.3 hands TALL.

Pieter Paul is a VERY reasonably priced friesian for sale, with excellent 3rd party verification of his dressage show experience, and the so sought after and hard to find TRAIL experience, being ridden through the woods, in the forest, on the beach, through water and in loud traffic by HIMSELF, by every member of a family, NOT professional riders/trainers.

And it doesnt stop there---although the photos above werent taken by a professional, we hope you can see that Piet P ALSO is drop dead gorgeous with uphill conformation, a small throat latch, and kind eye. He has all the majestic, masculine beauty of the Friesian breed, and he sports an  excellent pedigree  and a disposition to die for - a horse you can jump on and immediately enjoy riding.

Buy him now, before his price goes up in 2022, as horse airfares are increasing:(

PP is ONLY for sale due to health circumstances w/ his owner whereby her physicians have dictated she may no longer ride, and he will ONLY go to a LOVING approved home whereby the new owner promises to keep in touch. 

Pieter comes with excellent  x-rays taken on Aug 23, 2021, available for review with your vet, and a recent thorough pre purchase exam done specifically for YOU.
*** Price includes import and 3 day quarantine to NY; LAX, Chicago and Miami are 2k more for airfare. ***

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