Nuttert SPORT - SOLD

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Nuttert SPORT


Olrik 383
Friesian Sire


Gjalt 426
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.2 hands

Solid flying changes; NOVICE FRIENDLY

EXPERIENCED Upper Level Dressage Friesian SCHOOLMASTER


Nuttert is my favorite horse. He is a stallion (approved in the Barock pinto studbook as an approved stallion---which is  evience of his HIGH QUALITY) but is so easy to handle, and price INCLUDES delivery as a ster gelding.


Should you want an AMAZING stallion, Nuttert's babies are known for there good personalities and nice baroque stature. Nuttert loves to work but he also loves to play. You can take him on a hack out in the Woods or to the beach. He loves it all!!!


He loads really easily on the trailer and is calm when being transported. Farrier can handle himself with Nuttert by himself. He is so well mannered...... He loves to be ridden and driven and has also taken part in the friesian proms in 3 different show programs at the Stallion Show in Leuwarden. He loves all the attention.


Flying changes? No problem! Novice rider? No problem! Pleasure rider? Also no problem! Here is a horse suitable for everyone. 


This VERY sweet TALL Full pedigree friesian for sale has an IMPRESSIVE show record, moving up the levels from Training Level, to 1st Level, 2nd level, and is now 3rd level WITH flying changes (Z2 level) with winning points, which is 3rd party verification that  he is scoring ABOVE 62% in 3rd level dressage tests, under numerous Judges in various settings. Nuttert was also featured in a commercial used to promote Friesland!


Nuttert comes with a recent full set of Clean xrays available for review with your vet, and a brand new physical pre purchase exam, done specifically for YOU. 

Call Janna at 415-272-2112 for details on this amazing friesian for sale, with solid flying changes! 


This gorgeous long haired friesian, also APPROVED in the Baroque Horse Registry due to his  ideal conformation and impressive movement, is headed to AUSTRALIA for Josephine!

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