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Alke 468
Friesian Sire


Brandus 345
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16 hands

Impeccable pedigree, trained to ride AND drive, Evert is a rare REASONABLY PRICED gem! Here is a 5 year old friesian for sale, now 16 hands and still growing, with luxurious hair, gorgeous build, talent for carriage, saddleseat or dressage. And such a sweet, kind, giving horse, Evert WANTS to please his rider.

Evert is one of the easiest horses to ride at his barn, and owned by a veterinarian....he is SO HONEST. He moves right off your leg, with smooth transitions, and has a wonderful EASY TO SIT trot, even when being ridden bareback! It is difficult NOT to smile when on the back of Evert, he is just so easy to ride because of his double training both under saddle, and pulling a carriage, AND he is primarily ridden by children that do ALL KINDS of things with him---including riding double bareback on the trail.

Evert is an elegant sport horse that is a beautiful mover with nice extended strides; he has that lofty knee action that friesians are so well known for, and a lovely 3 beat canter. He has a compact build, which makes him a bit smoother to sit, and good for those of you with lower back problems! 

Evert is super friendly, he loves people and has no vices whatsoever. He gets along well with other horses, and has an excellent dressage foundation. We love this jet black long haired boy because he is a versatile horse...we think he could clean up in competitions, but he is just as comfortable being a pleasure/trail companion. Ideal for exhibitions, parades, costume classes, showing, or just pleasure riding or hacking out on the trail.

Evert is suitable for a confident beginner, and has primarily been ridden by the veterinarian's children.


It's not surprising how BEAUTIFUL he is, Evert has quite an amazing pedigree....sired by Alke  SPORT and out of a famous STER mare by the one and only Brandus SPORT Pref, Evert's motherline is textbook perfect:

STER-STER-STER+PREF, AND he stems from the GOLD STANDARD motherline, Stam line 50, which has produced more approved stallions than any other, EVER! 

 .....and he is ready for his new forever home.


This 5 year old boy is a stallion---but shhhhhh, dont tell him (he doesnt know it!).  Price includes delivery as a gelding, and 6 weeks board and training in the NL following castration, so that he is 100% healed upon delivery to his NEW forever home.


This Alke x Brandus full paper boy is not only 1st level dressage, he is also trained to drive as a single, in a pair and in a 4 in hand.   He is very accustomed to being ridden and driven in traffic, and on long trails, and he has MEGA HAIR!

Evert currently measure 16 hands (163 cm).


Bday 5/25/17


This gorgeous curly haired compact, sweet boy comes with a brand new thorough physical exam, including flexion testing and lameness exam, and is VERY reasonably priced, delivered as a gelding.

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