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Jouwe 485
Friesian Sire


Sytse 385
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands

Bouwe is an EXCEPTIONAL friesian gelding for sale! Already a gelding, he stands 167 cm tall, which is 16 hands, and is an ideal age of 6 with a full pedigree:



We think he has REAL STER potential because of his natural uphill build and floaty movement. 


Bday: Jun 7, 2016

LOW in-breeding 1.76%

2nd premie

Bouwe just acquired the SPORT predicate, which is excellent 3rd party verification that he IS the level we  say he is, as he must be scoring ABOVE 62% in order to acquire the winning points required to obtain the SPORT predicate.

He has thus far scored 4 times above 65% in 3rd level---which is very good for his age!!!


Bouwe is a favorite in his stable---he does dressage, and does it WELL, but he also really enjoys long trail rides and riding outside around the farm,  and he is a good worker. 


This uncomplicated boy is super sweet, gentle, and  kind, with a JET BLACK shiny coat and LONG flowing hair!

 We really are impressed by his 3 good gaits, with a lovely rocking horse canter.  He has a beautiful head and friendly eyes----Bouwe loves cuddling!!!!!!


Not many friesians have THIS MUCH hair---Bouwe is a WOW!!!


He has excellent recent xrays available for review with your vet.


I like Bouwe because he is good for a lot of various levels of riders and also has potential for higher levels!!


He is not hot and not slow.  What a nice horse for riders with little experience. 

Don't miss the GORGEOUS friesian gelding for sale with PROVEN track record, winning in dressage, that is EASY to sit. 

Read: Smooth for those of you with lower back pain.

And he is also Light in your hand!


Bouwe is $41,900 delivered to NY and he is ready to fly!  LAX and Chicago deliveries are 2k more for the airfare.

Buying Price:


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