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Jehannes 484
Friesian Sire


Loadewyk 431
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.2 hands

Aldo STER is one SPECIAL Ster gelding, and although he LOOKS like a stallion, he has actually been a ster gelding for over two years!!!  He is 6 yrs old and his birthday is Mar 1, 2016, with a low 1.76 % in breeding.  He has a full pedigree:


Sired by the Champion Jehannes and dam's sire is Loadewyk 431 SPORT----when we are looking for sporthorses of the future, we like to see the sire AND dam's sire be FEI dressage champions--that's the BEST prediction of the FUTURE, as their offspring many times follow in their footsteps!:)

Aldo measures 167 cm tall, that is just a hair short of 16.2 hands and he acquired the highly coveted STER predicate as a 3 yr old, which indicates he is top 10% of all friesians for conformation and movement! 

He is so handsome, he still looks like a stallion and has that blue black shiny coat!!


Aldo STER does dressage, and does it WELL, he was born in Holland, but later moved to Sweden where he acquired their equivalent of the SPORT predicate for his high scores in Z level (3rd level) dressage.  He LIKES riding outside and has an excellent work ethic, and is double trained to ride AND drive


What i like about Aldo STER is that he is super sweet, gentle, and  kind


What my partner, Bennie, likes about him is that he is VERY talented! Super gaits, light in the bridle!!! This is an upper level horse, he uses his body. And boy does he have a beautiful body, black colored, slick, pretty darn perfect, ---in fact, it's difficult to find a flaw!

Dressage not your "thing"? No worries---Aldo is accustomed to riding outside at at the beach and on the roads and has some experience with trails. 


This sweetheat has 3 good gaits, a recent thorough pre-purchase exam and full set of radiographs available for review with your vet.


You won't be able to get past his beautiful head and friendly eyes, he  loves cuddling, he had a VERY loving home in Sweden, and is accustomed to long braiding sessions.


Nice hair-----you will need to be prepared to own a horse with FAIRYTALE HAIR!!!!



Here is a friesian horse for sale that is an excellent choice for a lot of riders of all levels and also has potential for higher levels of dressage for ambitious dressage riders!


He is not hot, and not slow......a nice horse for anyone with tons of hair and talent!! He is exceptionally smooth--good to sit for those with sensitive backs!


Please give Janna a call at 415-272-2112 if you would like Aldo  to come live with YOU!

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