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Horse Description

Height: 16.3 hands

169 cm (listed on his papers!) and a mature dressage SCHOOLMASTER at 9 yrs old.

Approved Barock Pinto stallion, has had 1 foal. 


We bought him from a young girl in Germany whereby he was primarily NOT used for breeding, however the FACT that Bran is an approved stallion with the baroque pinto registry is EXCELLENT 3rd party verification of his HIGH quality, IDEAL conformation, and TIPPY TOP movement. 

His price INCLUDES delivery as a gelding.  Should you prefer deliver as a stallion, please budget  the extra $6-10k for the additional  30 day stallion USDA cem quarantine.


Training 4th level!!!!!!!


Bran does dressage and riding outside and is a good worker and very safe---here is a baroque pinto sporthorse for sale that is IDEAL for a junior or amatur rider---take a look at his video above doing flying changes in a snaffle!  This is an EASY, gentle, read: SAFE boy ideal for a nervous beginner. 

Not spooky and very steady.


IDEAL trail horse horse, well trained to jump up to 3'9" feet too!


Super sweet, gentle, kind!!! 

Very good ibop score of 68.5, which is MORE 3rd party verification of the HIFH QUALITY of this baroque pinto for sale.

 -He is very accustomed to riding outside and has experience with trails, cross country jumping and going to the beach.

 If you are looking for a GORGEOUS baroque pinto for sale with good gaits,  super uphill canter (feels like flying),  expressive trot and good/comfy to sit----you NEED to consider Bran----and for a horse with THIS much professional training, showing 3rd level WITH flying changes, and training 4th level, he is an EXCELLENT VALUE delivered to NY; Chicago and LAX are 2k more. 


You won't be able to leave the barn---Bran has  a beautiful head and friendly eyes....and he loves cuddling!!!!


-Nice hair----get your beauty parlor cross ties ready!


-Good xrays only 60 day sold, available for review with your vet.


Bran STER is a great choice for a lot of riders and really has potential for higher levels of FEI dressage----it's not many horses we have that can go GRAND PRIX, but if that is your goal, Bran Ster has the talent, heart and movement to take YOU all the way. 

Trail rides your thing?  Bran is equally HAPPY to take you  to the mailbox and back, and show you how to do a flying change in your arena:)!


He is not hot and not slow. Here is a gorgeous nice horse for everybody,  and we can pretty much guarantee whoever gets HIM will love him.



Bad back?  NO problem, Bran is GOOD to sit .....READ:Smooth on your back for those of you with BAD BACKS.

AND, what i like the BEST, he is Light in your hand, in a SNAFFLE!


Don't wait, this 3rd-4th level friesian dressage sporthorse with flying changes will NOT last at this price!


Call 415-272-2112 for details.

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