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tietse 428
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.3 hands
THIS IS THE BEST QUALITY, HIGHEST LEVEL Baroque pinto available anywhere, at this moment, competing and scoring WELL in Intermediare 1! ONLY available from Black Sterling Friesians.
Franke is 16.3 hands tall And only 7 yrs old AND an
Approved Barock Pinto stallion (will deliver as a gelding OR stallion, YOUR choice---not all boarding stables accept stallions).
He is actively showing in Intermediare 1, and has experience moving UP the levels---showing 1st level, then 2nd level, and then 3rd level, 4th level, PSG, and so on, so he has TONS of experience in foreign settings, and behaving PERFECTLY. VERY WELL MANNERED BOY!!!!!
-AND he has the Highest ibop ever!
-Reserve Champion Barock Pinto keuring
-Does not look at anything, NOT SPOOKY; read: VERY safe boy, good for nervous nellies.
-Super for dressage and riding on trails and in the ocean. Franke is a good worker and very safe for ANY level rider.
-Reliable and very steady, Super sweet, gentle AND kind.
-His canter feels like you are FLYING and this boy is a FLYING CHANGE MACHINE!
The Judges' comment on his expressive trot, nice walk, and rider's comment on his trot which is as good to sit as your sofa:)
XRAYS available for review with your vet, taken in 2021, INCLUDING back and neck----
This baroque sporthorse for sale hunk has Grand Prix potential and is not too hot, not too slow---
AND he has a SUPERB pedigree, and history of PRODUCING high quality sport horses. His father is the famous baroque pinto, Willem Pref SPORT, sired by the Grand Prix Champion friesian approved stallion, Adel 357, and out of a KWPN mare.  

And his mother is ALSO an amazing performance horse, having achieved the SPORT AND Elite and PREFERENT predicates and is on the Small Tour, sired by Tietse 428 SPORT, another world reknowned performance superstar, so he is more than 50% friesian (dam is 100% friesian and sire is 50% friesian).

Its no surprise Franke is already Intermediare 1 and ONLY 7 yrs old...his Mother is on small tour, already UPPER level dressage with the highly coveted sport AND ELITE predicates!! This is a nice horse for every level rider and EVERYONE loves this horse, no matter where he goes---he has a fan club!
Here is a super choice if you are looking for a SPECIAL baroque pinto for sale for dressage  and riding outside on trails by yourself. Franke is a good worker and very safe, even suitable for a child. He has an EXCELLENT MIND. 
You can truly ENJOY your ride on this dressage schoolmaster, he is not spooky and very steady and LIGHT in your hand.

We fell in love with his super sweet, gentle, kind soul. Franke has MUCH experience OUTSIDE the dressage arena, he is used to hacking outside and has much experience with trails and going through water. 

Your trainer will LOVE his good gaits: he has a super canter (feels like flying) and TRULY IS a flying changes' machine! Oh, and did we mention, he has a drop dead beautiful head and friendly eyes, and loves cuddling?!? AND he has nice hair and the most spectacular coloring of any pinto on Earth.

Franke was champion of his region and 5th in Holland's National Championships.

Here is a baroque pinto sporthorse for sale that is good for a lot of riders and REALLY has potential for the HIGHEST levels of dressage. He has quite the resume of producing tippy top offspring--send me an email and i will send you pics of Franke's children, all BEAUTIFUL and TALENTED, just like their Dad! Franke may be a stallion currently, but junior riders can ride him, he is sooooo good thinking; very safe as a stallion.

And for those of you with bad backs, you will be DELIGHTED to hear that Franke is EASY to sit. Smooth. Light in your hand.

......This is a once in a lifetime baroque pinto for sale, NOT cheap, but worth every penny.

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