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Norbert 444
Friesian Sire


Weird 409
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands


Excellent Star Stallion (will deliver as a STAR gelding), 16.1 hands tall, great strong balanced mover, beautiful conformation with an uphill neck, gorgeous little head, friendly intelligent big soft eyes. 


What we love the MOST about this special ster dressage friesian for sale???? His lovely gentle personality.

Yale STER has lots of experience under the saddle and driving, pulling a carriage. 

Here is one of our MOST EXPERIENCED Dressage/ pleasure/ trail riding/driving/ much competition experience!!!--- the DREAM BOY everyone is searching for!!

Safe on trails and in traffic, travels very easily in the trailer, loads easily, great  for the vet and farrier.

Yale  has experience at many different places, and is never spooky!!

A joy to ride/drive, always wants to please his rider, no problem when the rider makes a mistake, he is forgiving.


Never too fast / never too slow , a perfect GO, great collected canter!!  Comfortable and easy to ride, gives a great feeling sitting behind his proud uphill neck, beautiful silhouette:)

Very social, friends with all the other  horses. This ster stallion doesn’t know he is a stallion, no stallion behavior whatsoever.  We will deliver him as a gelding (or if you prefer to pay the 30 day cem  stallion quarantine which is an additional 6-10k, we  are also happy to bring him over as a stallion for you).

Yale has a recent extended sport vet check  with excellent X-rays, including back and neck, available for review w/ your vet.


Yale stems from stam line 25, the second most prolific  motherlines at producing APPROVED stallions.  He has a VERY low 3.32% inbreeding, and his  motherline couldnt be any better!


Yale STER is above average in every way!!!

Suitable for every rider and driver ( also suitable for beginners and children!!!) 

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