William STER - SOLD

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William STER


Oege 267 PREF
Friesian Sire


Olof 315
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands
William is a beautiful 6-year old STER Friesian stallion with unlimited talent for pleasure and trail riding AND driving, as well as dressage. He has outstanding conformation and impressive gaits. William is a powerful and smooth mover with a great mind. William is the kind of horse ANYONE can ride, even if you don't know how to post, or are over 250 lbs, William will take care of YOU. And is also well trained as a carriage driving horse.
William is easy enough for amateurs and ideal for someone that has had a bad experience on a previous horse. He always behaves like a true gentleman and tries his best for his rider. With his jet black coat and floating gaits, flowing mane, and loads of feathers, William is a real eye catcher. Heck, even the Dutch Judge's recognized William's outstanding conformation and movement, and they bestowed the STER stallion title upon him, a prestiguous predicate that is only bestowed on the TOP 15% of all stallions.
William's fairytale looks always draws a crowd and his incredible movement holds your attention. Will has an outstanding pedigree with unbroken STER lines throughout his motherline. Will's sire is Oege, one of the most famous, and no longer living, Approved stallions in Friesian history. Oege is one of the BEST, with a high level of Ster and Model mare offspring, as well as several Approved sons! Oege has the best offspring with the looks and fantastic movement, hence his Preferent title. Oege is known for passing on the "hair gene" and his get have beautiful heads, with very kind eyes. William is one of Oege's very last sons.
Will is very people oriented and loves being showered with attention. He also loves non-serious work, such as being hacked out on the roads and on trails.
Will is the kind of horse the whole family can ride, not only good riders, as he is uncomplicated and very forgiving under saddle.
Add $5000 to his price tag if you would like him imported as a stallion. But let us know quickly, otherwise William will become a gelding and will be at our barn soon!

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