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Abel 344
Friesian Sire


Lammert 260
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands
Black Sterling is proud to offer the STER gelding, Maarten-one of the highest level dressage friesians currently competing in Europe. This 9 yr old STER gelding is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS and is fully papered. Maarten's sire is the well known approved FPS stallion Abel 344, who has won numerous competitions in Holland and produces impressive offspring [like Maarten:)] for both dressage and driving. Maarten is a TALL 16.1 hands and has a very long mane and a wavy beautiful forelock. This is a RARE opportunity to own a solid 3rd-4th level friesian, who is uncomplicated, and easy for amateurs, and talented enough to please professionals.
Maarten has been shown extensively on the dressage circuit in Europe. Thus, Maarten has a lot of experience in all kinds of different settings; he is not spooky at all, and he has a great personality. Let Maarten be YOUR dressage schoolmaster. He can teach YOU shoulder in, hauches in, turn on the haunches, counter canter, simple changes, flying changes, rein back, half pass in trot and canter, and he has an exceptional extended trot.
In 2001, Maarten was Reserve Champion best moving horse at the Central Keuring! One week ago, Maarten performed a pas de deux to music with a friesian mare, at a keuring in Holland...the audience went WILD! They LOVED Maarten.
Maarten was selected for the Dutch Championships as one of the top 10 dressage horses competing in the country. This is an INVITATION ONLY, Dutch Championship. On September 3rd, Maarten finished fifth place in 3rd-4th level tests, in a group of 30 competitors, mostly warmbloods! This is one successful dressage friesian!
On Aug 25th he earned second place with a score of 61%. Racking up 4 winning points at Z2 Level is the PROOF this is one upper level dressage horse that KNOWS his stuff!!! [comparable to our 3rd and 4th levels]. Maarten has been selected for the Dutch Championships, Sept 24th. We can't tell you how HARD it is to find friesians that know flying lead changes.....Maarten is the exception. In Maarten's Z2 tests, he completed all 4 flying changes clean and at the right spot......And this stunning dressage horse has points in Z2 level dressage to PROVE he knows his stuff!
Maarten is that RARE older, experienced, sound with clean x-rays, BEAUTIFUL dressage schoolmaster that has an impeccable show record, and is ready to carry you to the winner's circle in style!
Maarten's clean X- rays are available digitally to be emailed to your vet.
Note: the first video listed above is Maarten's last show in Holland, on September 3, where he earned another point in Z2 dressage. Maarten ended 5th in a group of OVER 30 competitors who were mainly on warmbloods!

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