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Anne 340
Friesian Sire


Melle 311
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 16.0 hands
Sired by Anne 340, who is one of the best FPS Approved US Friesian stallions!! Anne 340 has 58% 1st and 2nd Premie foals and 48% lifetime Ster Mare percentages. Both are very good numbers.
Estee's dam's sire is Melle 311, one of the few representatives of the Age line. This important Friesian stallion is no longer being used for breeding.
This beautiful mare has a lot of expression in her! Estee' is VERY well ridden and driven, has 3 very good gaits, and is safe in traffic, as well as out on long relaxing trail rides. Estee' is very sweet, she has very good movement, and loves to work! Imagine, a beautiful mare with a STRONG work ethic?!? She is great around other horses too. Estee' is very suitable for recreational /pleasure use, as well as for dressage.
Estee' has a strong motherline (Ster -Ster+Pref – Ster –Model ), which makes her interesting for breeding purposes as well!!!
This lovely 7 yr old TALL mare is a rare find, because she is so well trained to ride and drive. Just look at her great movement and elasticity to her gaits. She has quite a friendly character, and you certainly can't beat the nice full motherline on this PROVEN broodmare. She is also a terrific MOMMY!!
We REALLY think she is also worth trying for Ster. Estee' is not currently in foal, because we are enjoying riding and driving her too much, but she did have a foal last year, Nico fan Aaksens with a reg # 200402360, by the Approved stallion Wikke 404 , and she was very easy to get pregnant, and had an uncomplicated pregnancy and foaling.
Estee' is a wonderful mare for pleasure, trail riding, dressage, and she is a fantastic choice if you are looking for a mare you may both breed AND enjoy under saddle, or pulling a cart or sleigh this winter.
Pedigree of Estee' (Wendy fan Aaksens) , reg # 199911900
Estee' was born on 04/10/1999
The mare stam line is 28, generation 8. This line produced such well known Approved stallions as the late great Teunis 332
Bonne 341
Atse 342
Ielke 382

She has a very low 1.56 % inbreeding

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