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Lute 304
Friesian Sire


Naen 264
Friesian Dam's Sire

In Foal To Rindert 406

Friesian Mare In Foal To

Horse Description

Height: 15.31/2 han

Registration # 199605140
162 cm TALL [just under 16 hands]
LOW 1.75 % inbreeding
Born April 5, 1996
Motherline is VERY strong: STER-Stb-MODEL-STER
Her mother is the famous STER mare, Pinksterfamke.
Odette fan de Koldenhool stems from mare stam line 24, generation 8. This line produced World Champion,
Tetse 394!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Odette isn't just a high level dressage horse, she is a PROVEN producer! She has already had 3 foals: Two colts and one filly by Onne 376 AND she is currently pregnant by Rindert!
This is one RARE mare, competing and beating warmbloods at Z Level dressage, which is comparable to our 3rd level. This mare has 11 points in Z1 competition, which means she HAS to be doing what is required of that level, in order to earn points. Odette moved up the levels, taking time out to have 3 foals, and is a dressage riders dream...AND a WONDERFUL dressage schoolmaster for some lucky learning rider!
Odette has a very respectable pedigree with a strong motherline. This tall athletic mare is EASY, uncomplicated, and she wowed us with her amazing extended trot, and rocking horse canter. Tired of the "green horse/green rider" syndrome? Let Odette teach you the ropes of dressage, she is an expert!
How many friesians do you know that have 11 points in Z level dressage AND are pregnant, giving you a foal in june, 2006??? Let me tell you, they are HARD to find, and Odette is one of the highest level dressage STER mares on the market anywhere, and at this reasonable price, we guarantee she will NOT last.
This jet black beauty has a recent thorough pre-purchase done on jan 27,2006, and ultra sound confirming her pregnancy, and is ready to take you into the showring.

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