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Onne 376
Friesian Sire


Jurjen 303
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 16.2 hands

Bodega is a TALL handsome, talented young dressage horse with tons of PRESENCE and charisma. He has a long swan neck and is compact in build. Bodega is very VERY sweet, and loving, and mellow in character. He is also easy to ride, even a child can ride him, and in fact, he has been ridden by beginners and novice riders his entire life! He is what is known in the Netherlands, as a true "family-horse" that can be used on Sundays to pull the carriage, or will take care of children or novice riders on his back, AND has completed professional training recently and is ready to go to the competitins in L level dressage!! [First Level] He's one that you can honestly buy and just start enjoying and showing right away!!!!
His pedigree is excellent, as well. Bodega is a son of Onne 376. Onne is a very beautiful son of Leffert and he seems to pass excellent conformation to his offspring. He has 69% 1st and 2nd Premie foals. nne was permanently approved on offspring in the Fall of 2004.
Bodega has a fantastic walk, easy to sit trot, and exceptionally well put together canter. It is very evident when you watch this horse work, that he has what it takes to really excel as a sporthorse.
Bodega is currently scheduled to arrive in Los Angeles, but let us know if you prefer we fly him into NY instead!
Bodega comes with a thorough pre-purchase exam, and he is ready to be someone's dream horse.
Birthday is April 16, 2001
2nd Premie!!!!
3.12% inbreeding
Registered as Folkert ffan Quatrebras
The mare stam line is 47, generation 10.

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