Wopke G.T. STER - SOLD

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Wopke G.T. STER


Olof 315
Friesian Sire


Djurre 284
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 16.1

Wopke GT  is a lovely registered Friesian 1st premie STER gelding with the so sought after FAIRYTALE looks...he  ranked in the TOP 5% of all geldings being judged, and earned the highly coveted 1st premie predicate!!

He is EXTREMELY handsome, with a mane that goes on forever. Fantastic gaits and super extensions. Very nice and easy to ride for a competitive dressage rider, or an amateur. Wopke made it to the final championship round at the BIG keuring  in Drachton, became Reserve GRAND Champion!!!  This 1st premie STER stallion gelding has CLEAN x-rays and a recent pre-purchase.

Rhythmic and elastic movements and 3 very good gaits. Wopke has a gentle and friendly personality and no vices whatsoever.
You will REALLY enjoy Wopke's three very good, soft, expressive gaits, he is a beautiful type of Friesian, has an excellent temperament and very high trainability. This wonderful guy is suitable for an Amateur or Novice with the quality for a Professional. With his calm and sweet nature, he can put his rider's mind at ease. 

Wopke is also considered a "trailmaster" , and unlike the warmbloods, you can have just as much fun out in the hills with this sweet guy, as you can in the dressage arena.
Ideal conformation, an outstanding pedigree, and well trained to BOTH ride AND drive, Wopke is a real gem!  He has been driven  a couple times a week, and ridden dressage several time a week.

This 165 cm tall  GORGEOUS boy is trained up to M Level dressage, which is comparable to our 2nd level. His linear scores are AMAZING, this boy received an "8" for his floaty trot, and "9" for type and build!!!!

B-Day is 6/5/99

Rides AND Drives

Mane is OVER 70 CM LONG!!

1st Premie STER!!

Reserve Grand Champion at the Keuring

Ready for M2 Dressage

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