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Heinse 354
Friesian Sire


Hearke 254 Pref

Horse Description

Height: 16.3 hands
BSF is proud to present a mature 7 yr old experienced friesian gelding, with a proven track record competing in M level dressage.

Caramba has 6 points in M level, comparable to our 2nd level!! This guy is sooo elastic; it is easy to see why he is consistently scoring above 60% in his tests. Caramba is quite tall-measuring 170 cm!! And, just like his sire, Heinse, Caramba is an athletic sporhorse! Heinse is ranked 9th overall in the world in offspring testing.Caramba has the experience and coveted proven show record to teach YOU dressage, and he is a patient teacher with an incredible disposition.

If you are looking for an equine partner that can help teach YOU, Caramba is your man. He is a dream come true for those looking for a REASONABLY priced dressage schoolmaster..... We snapped him up as soon as we saw him! He is clean on his recent vet exam, as well. Caramba may be tall, but he is a mild mannered 7 year old gelding with an incredible, people oriented, very sweet personality.

He is really wonderful to ride and not scared of anything--and he has been to so many competitions, he is accustomed to most everything! He is mellow and easygoing, even in brand new environments. The fact that Caramba has 6 points in M level dressage is 3rd party verification that this horse HAS to be doing what is required in 2nd level dressage, otherwise he would not have scored over 60% consistently! He has really good extension in his gaits, especially the trot. His canter has a lot of reach and is very comfortable to sit. This boy is easy to ride and handle.....we bought him from an older lady (50+) who was riding Caramba for the past 5 years ........she bought this lovely kind soul as a two years old stallion, so Caramba has only had two owners his whole life, and he is VERY tolerant of an older, not so strong, rider.

AND Carramba just won the Dressage Show Hack Open NATIONAL and WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP in St Louis, Mo, at the Friesian World Championships....this is an AMAZING horse, winning on a national level, for a reasonable price.

Here is what the dressage Judges had to say about Carramba's performance:

"Balanced, good effort, clear rhythm, transitions are balanced, good energy, good stretch..."

He is a tall dressage schoolmaster, for a very reasonable price.

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