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Olof 315
Friesian Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.0 hands

Rinke is very nice, easy going, good in traffic, bomb proof and absolutely not lazy 10 yr old Friesian gelding. This gelding does not show his age...look at the pictures and video clips of him running free!! He is really a show off!!!! Rinke has never been sick, lame or ill. He is M 1 level dressage, which means he is trained and showing a solid 2nd level dressage and he drives single, pairs and in a team. He is a very nice family horse, good on trails and in traffic! We also think that he would make a great saddleseat horse!

Rinke has 2 winning points in M 1 level dressage [translation: scoring ABOVE 60% in 2nd level exercises:)] Rinke is a very Classical, Baroque type Friesian with extremely long and full mane and tail. He was foaled in 1997, and Rinke has TONS of experience---he has been there, done that. He has those tiny hooked ears, as well as a long beautiful neck and amazing movement! He also has one of the sweetest and very most loving of all dispositions!!! Rinke is such a sweetheart! Those who have visited him and met him are amazed at how much of a people lover he really is. He will leave his food and follow small children around, when in the pasture. We just adore his wonderful temperament.

He also is a incredible mover, ideal for dressage. He has very deep hocks, way up under the middle of himself when he moves, super impulsion, suspension and extension . Rinke has a lovely head and big, kind soft eyes, tiny ears and an abundance of flowing mane and tail. He is the classical old style Friesian,( what we call Baroque). He has 3 VERY good gaits [hence the scores of ABOVE 60% in 2nd level dressage] and Rinke is VERY easy to sit.

Rinke is a perfectly wonderful well trained friesian gelding with the so sought after experience being shown up to 2nd level, AND comes with a reasonable price tag.

His combination number is 281961rj

Rinke currently has 2 points in M level!!

He is ideal for families, and those looking for a quiet, EXPERIENCED, mature friesian that can go out on trails and be used for exhibitions or parades, and is used to it all. Pedigree is exceptional, motherline is STER-STER-Vb-STER, LOW 1.75% in breeding, b-day is 4/15/97.

Rinke is really a nice 10 yr old friesian gelding, super safe, points in M level dressage [2nd level] , with a recent pre-purchase. Note: He is the middle horse in the picture above where someone is standing on him while long lining a team of 4 horses....an event in Europe called , "Hongaarse post".

What more could you ask for???

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