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Brandus 345
Friesian Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands

BSF is very proud to present this incredible 2nd- 3rd level dressage schoolmaster!!

Amos is only being offered for sale, due to the divorce of his owner/rider that he has had since he was 5 months old.

Amos is a gentle, fairytaie looking gelding sired by Brandus. He is 8 years and 167cm (OVER 16.1 hands) and has points for M2 dressage level, which is comparable to our 3rd level. He is a VERY nice Show Horse...check out the photos with hundreds of people in the stands.

He competed in a dressage demonstration team [quadrille] with 11 other horses. Amos has a recent thorough pre-purchase and x-rays are available for review with your vet.

His combination number is 112766

Amos is suitable for a novice and/or timid rider because of his willing nature amd nice temperament.

He is easy to ride and comfortable to sit, and is very kind and. sweet. We LOVE that Amos is very calm and not spooky. But he is also not lazy:) You can put a three-year-old on this horse, and he does his job. Amos will not disappoint you!! We are sure of that!

Amos is sweet and the kind of gelding that will be IDEAL for not only competitive dressage show arena, but also parades, exhibitions, horse camping and all day trail rides or adventures on horseback. The kind of horse that can become your best friend! He is a lovely mover, truly a schoolmaster for any amateur to advance the levels and have a great show career.

Amos has consistently scored above 60%, moving up the levels, from Training, to First, to Second, and now Third Level. At every competitiion, this amazing sporthorse comes home with winning points!!! AND many time's Amos is beating not only friesians, but also all the KWPN warmbloods!!! Amos is a very sweet horse and uncomplicated--- a partner that is easy to handle in every setting or situation. If you are looking for a RARE, hard to find Friesian with POINTS in M2 Dressage, that is FANCY, has beautiful long hair, and balanced floaty gaits--Amos is your man. Amos is versatile, sound , and fun to ride!!

Amos is willing, loves people, has 3 great gaits that are easy to sit and he is fun to ride with a very exceptional canter. This is a great horse for an amateur rider because of his easy going & predictable nature yet he's forward moving.

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