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Nanne STER



Teake 273
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 16.0 hands

Nanne Gestüt Friesenwiese is a Fabe x Teake. Nanne was crowned a Ster stallion and was born in 2004, and is currently a gelding standing 162cm and still growing....

Last autumn he took part in the Central Onderzoek.

Nanne is a VERY talented, intelligent dressage horse that is always eager to do his best for his rider. Even more importantly, he is very easy to handle. Check out the walk to canter video above. And Nanne is only a 4 yr old!!

The sky is the limit for this extremely talented young dressage horse.

He has excellent dressage movement, and always works with his hocks well up under him.

Nanne is a Baroque type Friesian with an extremely long and full mane and tail. He has those lovely hooked ears, as well as a long beautiful neck and amazing movement! He has one of the sweetest and most loving dispositions!!! Nanne is such a sweetheart! He loves having his LONG forelock braided.

He also is a incredible mover, ideal for dressage. He has very deep hocks, way up under the middle of himself when he moves, super impulsion, suspension and extension .

Nanne has a lovely head and big, kind soft eyes, tiny hooked ears and an abundance of flowing mane and tail.

He was harness trained during the Central Onderzoek, and has primarily been ridden dressage in the last year. Up until now Nanne and his rider took part in local competitions of their riding club, going L1 Level [First Level]. Nanne is very focused on the person that is working with him, he is a very honest horse and very easy to ride and to handle! Once you have gained his trust, Nanne will do ANYTHING for you!


What a nice dressage STER gelding!!

Stam 8

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