Hessel BSF - SOLD

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Hessel BSF


Feitse 293 PREF
Friesian Sire


Bearend 347
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 16.2 hands

Selling this PERFECTLY matched driving pair was a very very hard decision for the former owner, but what a find for some lucky buyer! 

Hessel is DEAD broke, what an easy horse for a beginner or person new to horses. He is a wonderful gentle giant trained to BOTH drive and ride.  Hessel is also spirited and would be a super show horse -----he loves the wow of the arena.  He is OVER 16.2 hands TALL.  Hessel is super, and big, sports a long neck and is very animated, good for a novice too, would be great for the dressage arena:)

And check out his driving partner, Gerke, who  is 16.2 hands, short backed, a more baroque style friesian, but also tall, very curvy neck, and beautiful to look at.

Hessel has never had a lame day in his life.  Hessel and Gerke are perfect as a driving pair, they love each other and they are turned out together all the time.  But they are used to being ridden by themselves, and go out on the trails individually.

They were ridden by a mom and daughter on the trail once a week and ridden and driven by a trainer in between.   Hessel is the kind of horse you could let  stand for a month and just go out and get on him and he would be good to go.   Gerke and Hessel were also driven as a perfect pair in parades and just around town.  They were both  imported and Hessel and Gerke both come with a recent pre-purchase exam!  

We want Hessel to go to a good home, where someone will really love and dote on him. He is a "Black Labrador" type horse!!   If you are looking for a reasonably priced imported friesian gelding that is safe and very level headed, you need to look at this horse.   

Hessel is a good honest horse, very easy and safe, a wonderful choice if you would like a very handsome pleasure/trail horse, that will get you around town in HIGH fashion!!

Hessel's reg # is 200238841 and his b-day is 05/24/02

Feitse 293 X Bearend 347


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