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Tetse 394
Friesian Sire


Bendert 281
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands

Everyone is looking for this kind of mare....


Ideal Conformation,

PROVEN Dressage Show Record with winning points in First Level Dressage, and trained for M Level/2nd Level,


Tori is a tall, statuesque, gorgeous 7 yr old  studbook mare that is willing to work and NOT lazy, and is an exceptional partner for dressage. She is a beautiful Tetse daughter, and out of a ster mare by Bendert, showing the distinct heritage of her sire. This attractive young mare has a gorgeous topline and is jet black! She has been professionally dressage trained, competed successfully in First Level dressage with points to PROVE her dressage capabilities, and she is currently used in our dressage program...she is very sensitive and moves readily off her rider's leg.

Tori is also a proven producer, having had  two fillies previously! :)

She is an ideal mare for a combination of exceptional dressage horse/broodmare. She is a super attractive horse enjoying attention and reciprocating in the most friendly "horse" way, while providing a valuable investment with secure return....A mare that will bring joy as a broodmare AND has a proven dressage track record.

--how many broodmares do you know that can compete at  dressage, AND have foals at the same time??!!!

Tori's mother became a Provisional MODEL mare, but missed becoming a definite MODEL mare by only 2 points!  Model mares are the equivalent of being an "Approved stallion" "for females.

Check out the last pictures on the 2nd page of  Tori's photos; they are of one of Tori's gorgeous daughters, owned by Anja Kouters and Marie-louise Weerheijm, and still in the Netherlands (the other was sold to Norway for a high price).

 Tori's b-day is Jun 21, 2002

Her in breeding is a low 3.91%

Her  reg # is 200249440

Tori has winning points in dressage!!!!

And she is TALL, long legged, a great mare if your goal is to breed for dressage!! She is from the relatively new stam line 175!

Tori is a wonderful horse for dressage, as well as breeding. See the pictures of Janna riding her on a trail and through villages in the Netherlands [on 2nd page of photos].She has no vices. And she has a very good pedigree. Tori is a super mare for a breeding program and for a person wanting to show dressage. She has very good stable manners.  She comes with a thorough pre-purchase exam. And she is a PROVEN producer!  She had a filly in 2007, Wopkje, that  is still in the Netherlands and her first foal, also a filly (born 2006) is in Norway!

Tori LOVES to show off! She is a forward mover, and the type of Friesian that the judges like to see these days. Heck, we KNOW the Judges like her, she scores above 60% consistently.

She will be an excellent addition to a quality breeding program, as well as a fantastic dressage partner.

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