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Friesian horse cover photo of Alger

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Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands

TALL 3 year old  friesian stallion for sale! Alger  is super calm and easy to handle. No stallion manners whatsoever!!!! A child can handle him. He is ridden and driven, not a difficult stallion to handle!

We know that 3 years is a bit young for some people perhaps, but friesians don’t get much easier to handle than this one…

He is around 165 cm tall now and still growing, thats  16.1 hands TALL at 3 years of age!! Dont miss this Very nice built horse with a spectacular chiseled head and nice mane and full tail….

Fantastic Pedigree-- sired by World Champion Tsjalle, the youngest approved stallion ever to make preferent---and motherline is IMPECCABLE: STER-STER-Ster-Pref.  Stems from stam line 8, 16th generation. B-day 6/26/16. Reg # 201602754

Here is YOUR opportunity to buy a Friesian Stallion (or we will pay to have him castrated before his import) with a VERY strong pedigree...

 Luxury personified....Fairytale Friesian for sale with thick, beautiful long hair!


Meet Alger with the fairytale look that EVERYONE wants! He has a super long THICK luxurious mane and forelock! Alger is a very brave boy and a horse you can enjoy for MANY years to come!


And talk about UPHILL BUILD--this TALL boy is damn near PERFECT! ...Whata chess piece he would make!:):)

Alger is 3 years old. With this guy's luxury look and presence he will be sure to turn heads wherever you go!

Not only does he have the looks, he also is a joy to ride OR drive!! He is so regal yet not difficult at all ride, and has absolutely NO stallion manners! 


He has very smooth gaits and also very easy to sit. He is not sensitive if you get off balance, and is very forgiving. He is a great all around horse and will build your confidence.


For those of you looking for BIG, Here he is!!! 16.1 hands and GROWING. He is very easy to put in a frame. He gives you a feeling of confidence and royalty when you are on him! 


Grand all around horse that you can trail ride, go to competitions, drive as a single, or in a pair, use in an exhibition or parade,  and enjoy LIFE with this dream boy!  He is absolutely the sweetest young stallion we have seen. No stallion manners at all. He really doesn’t know he is a stallion. And he is not hot-headed, not spooky. Calm and easy. He is really amazing!


Alger has excellent breeding, and would be a marvelous addition to any breeding program, because of his SIZE, and long neck and legs---but he also  would be equally as suitable as a gelding, for all your pleasure and trail riding and dressage needs---just let us know which your prefer!

(and keep in mind, importing a stallion requires an additional 30 day quarantine, and additional expense).


Alger is $25,900  into NY, including vetcheck;  or $27,900 into LAX, Chicago or Canada.


This is a fantastic buy on an imported friesian stallion!!! 



Tsjalle 454
Friesian Sire - Tsjalle 454


Friesian Dam's Sire - DRIES 421

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