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Danehill Weekend

Phenomenal Weekend Riding on the Beach in Pt Reyes with Friends

We are happy to arrange for karin to train you and your horse at Black Sterling, OR go train with Karin at her fantastic facility in Nicasio and go for a gallop on Limantour Beach in Pt Reyes yourself!!!!

Here is a capsule of her philosophy---- we enjoyed our weekend riding in the natural horsemanship method and staying in karin's gorgeous home on the water VERY very much. Thank you!!!!! XXXXOOOOO. - janna

HORSE, BODY, SOUL (subconscious mind.)

1. Good positive ATTITUDE I really look forward to being together with my horse. I will have a wonderful time and we WILL SUCCEED in everything we do.

2. I will only ASK my horse to do things – never try to make him/her do it.

3. NO TENSENESS in my body. I will Patiently wait for the “answer” (turn, move, speed, stop etc. from my horse) that I expected to get to my “question”. If I do not get the answer, I was looking for, it is 99% sure that I didn’t ask in a clear way so my horse understood it, my fault, and I will NOT loose my patience, get angry, irritated nor in any other way tense in my body believing it was my horse that “misbehaved”. He just simply didn’t’ understand my question and I will ask again. If for some reason I cannot control those feelings , then I will get off the horse and leave the arena, go and have a cup of coffee and try to ask again when I am calmed down – or wait till next day. IF I continue dealing with my horse in that mode, it is counter productive.

Karin's teaching procedure (method): I (Karin) will first present in words to you how to "ask" the horse to do what. Then ask YOU - the "learners" - to describe it back to me in YOUR words, since you might say the same thing with different words. In this way I can custom make my presentation to each "learner" and use your words when we work with your horse. The reason for this method of teaching is so I know my words have got a meaning to you - a meaning that you can relate to and apply in your body language and actually DO it - meaning, the "question" you ask the horse becomes an action in your body, a move, a step, an energy and facial expression without necessarily using words. Once you have got the attention of your horse, he will look at every sign in your body for clues what it is you want - so the important part is to be clear and become aware of your own body language and also learn to understand your horse's body language. He is constantly asking YOU questions too and often 5 seconds before he acts on something (you have plenty of time to be PRO ACTIVE and ask him to do something BEFORE he reacts): A. words generate thoughts B. thoughts generate action C. action produces results

contact karin at email: [email protected] or call 415-662-9555

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