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When we sell a friesian horse, we produce a happy customer. All of our customers have been excited and more than satisfied with their new companions.

Read on to see what these horse owners have to say about their new friesians and their buying experience with Black Sterling Friesians.

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Mr T - SOLD Friesian Mr T - Sold VERY Special Gal Now Has HER Guy!
 I cannot recommend Janna Weir and Black Sterling Friesians enough. From initial contact, through purchase, shipment and receiving my beautiful boy, Janna was highly professional and personable. I found her quite understanding of the qualms I had about the prospect of purchasing sight unseen and shipping a horse overseas. At not time did she pressure me and she handled the morass of details required during a pandemic with aplomb, grace and even humor.      I now have the boy of my dreams! Yes, he was a significant investment, but he arrived healthy, sound and as if the whole trip had been a ride down the road. He is steady, and his temperament is beyond belief. Plus he is eye candy down to his hooves!   Thank you, Janna, for a wonderful experience. Please use me as a reference anytime! Thank you for making this girl's dream come true!!!  

NO ONE provides the services you do. Videos, photos, individual attention, details, organization, and handholding with your client.   SERIOUSLY, WELL  DONE! -Jillian in Oregon


HILDEBRAND - SOLD Friesian HILDEBRAND - Sold Headed to Fla. for Rob!
Good morning Janna! We just wanted to let you know that Hildebrand arrived safely yesterday. He is absolutely stunning!! What a beautiful boy!! And he is very sweet. We wanted to thank you for all you did for us and the great advice we’ve received. You made this a very easy process! Again, thank you! --Roberta & Robert   P.S. His new name is Kratos, which is the Greek God of power & strength.


Douwe STER & ELITE - SOLD Friesian Douwe STER & ELITE - Sold Hello Janna,  What can I say?  I have been looking for my next partner for about 9 months now.  I knew what kind of dressage skills I was looking for, all the horses I saw they didn't make my heart skip a beat.  They were beautiful, and had all the training, but I wasn't inspired to pull the trigger.  One night a good friend of mine sent me a link to your website to a horse that she thought might be a good fit.  I emailed you and I think we talked the next day.  You then mentioned Douwe and although he was out of my projected budget, and I could NOT fly to the Netherlands to try him, I KNEW he was the one I had been waiting for.  So, yeah, I purchased my next GP partner, from the internet - just videos - and just trusted the process and you.  Long story to say THANK YOU, for being such a great professional and having such a fantastic eye for talent.  For those of you on the fence about buying one of Janna's horses, let me tell you a story.  Remember I purchased a stallion off of videos and a description on a website:  Second ride on Douwe, I haven't received his double bridle yet, so I'm in a snaffle.  It's 6:45 am, and it's still dark.  It's a lot cooler than it has been. The wind is blowing, not hurricane winds but blowing nonetheless.  I have a lesson with my trainer and the barn cats decide this is the moment they are going to run up and down the arena.  They are going to do wheelies, run behind the letters, run under the railing, wrestle etc.  Douwe didn't blink an eye.  Went right to work...I am so impressed with his training, work ethic and how much he was loved in his previous life.  He is proud, he is smart and he is a true gentleman. I don't know how Janna finds them, but she does.  I would do it again in a heartbeat.  She and her team took care of all the details (from castration, to air travel) getting him from the Netherlands to Texas! I am so grateful and thankful.  Now to master that long braid :) Thank you!! Silvia in Texas


Ruscherd STER & SPORT - SOLD Friesian Ruscherd STER & SPORT - Sold HUGE Congrats to Nicki and her FEI trainer Amber, in CA, GREAT things to COME w/ this special BOY!!
Oh dear Jana. U rock. Thank u with all my heart ❤️ Hereeeee’s Adoniz (aka Ruscherd)LoHi, Janna: I want to let you know how very happy I am with my lovely new horse I purchased from you a few weeks ago. I am referring to Ruscherd fan Bokkum, AKA, Adoniz. He has settled in beautifully, and is totally on board with our program. He is in full dressage training, and truly loves his work. My trainer brings out the best ln him, even though it is rather easy to do, because of his stellar temperament. You have known me for several years now, and was aware how hesitant I have been to buy a horse, sight unseen, without test riding them, and to get a feel of what the horse is about. But, when I saw the videos of Adoniz, I couldn’t ignore him. After talking with you quite a bit and exchanging information, I became much more comfortable with the notion of taking the plunge, and bring him to California. What also made it a easier decision, is how much you helped me out in giving me the name of his trainer and his vet in the Netherlands. I spoke with both of them, and exchanged quite a few conversations with his trainer of 3 years. It just solidified my decision, and am over the moon that moved forward. Your willingness to assist me with shipping, setting him up to be gelded, making payment for any expenses that did not include his price, and even how to set up an overseas calling connection to make contacting the Netherland folks in such a easy manner. Felt like they were just down the block from me. I would not have known how to have done that without your guidance. Your service credo was more than I could have expected, and want to thank you again and again for making the entire process a very pleasant and efficient one. Adoniz is a grand horse, with a lot of talent, skill, and willingness to learn new things. I was told by several people, besides yourself, what a great horse he is, and whoever buys him, will not be disappointed. How true that has been. He is even more and better than I expected. Last week, my trainer rode him in a clinic with a top Grand Prix competitor. I was sitting next to him, so I can listen to what he was instructing my trainer what to do, etc. After about 10 minutes he said “Looks like you have a Grand Prix horse on your hands.” Can you imagine how proud and excited I got when he said that??!! We have so much to look forward to, and I just know, he is going to become even better and better. It’s so important for importers such as yourself help to make a potential buyer the right decision in buying a horse, whether for pleasure, trail riding, dressage and whatever else. A good match is so important, especially for amateurs. It would be a very heartbreaking situation, if Adoniz was not a good fit for me, because I am not a pro, and maybe he would need a pro to ride him effectively We count on your expertise to guide us in selecting the horse that is best suited for our skills, and one that is safe, sane and a joy to ride. So, for that I also thank you, because I feel people will trust you in giving them accurate and honest information about the horse’s background, etc. Well, Janna, I did it, and am so thrilled to have him in my lovely herd of Friesian horses. He may be the one to watch, for sure. Will keep you informed about Adoniz’ Excellent Adventures. xoxo. With gratefulness and joy Nicki Lucas"


Records 1 to 15 of 766

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