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Many of these photos are of our happy customers with their new friesians!
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Izak STER & SPORT - SOLD Friesian Izak STER & SPORT - Sold Michele is Getting her 2nd BSF friesian!


Cees - SOLD Friesian Cees - Sold Friesian #2 for Leisa in Louisiana!


Phryso STER and SPORT - SOLD Friesian Phryso STER and SPORT - Sold Grats to Curtis & Family in So Cal!!


CASPIAN - SOLD Friesian CASPIAN - Sold Brain Tumor?! No problem for Jenni & Caspian! HAPPY New Partnership:):)

Dear Janna, Thank you for all of your help with Caspian. I am thrilled beyond belief to have found him! I have several Friesian/Percheron crosses and never dreamed that I would ever find the perfect Full Friesian for me. The moment I sat on him, I fell in love. He is the perfect height and size for me (I am 5'11")! I never dreamed such a horse could ever be mine. The attached photos are from my first rides! Since then, I have had the opportunity to ride and drive Caspian on many occasions. There are so many reasons I love Caspian. His sweet and steady nature are impressive! I have a brain tumor and sometimes am unsteady and unbalanced. Caspian is kind and never takes a false step. I trust him and he is very safe, not only for riding, but also driving (on those days when my balance won't let me get on a horse). This is not to say that I have found Caspian to be a dead-head...he certainly has a big way of going and has quite a motor! I love that! Caspian's Dressage training is evident and we will be competing him as soon as we are all ready. Dreams do come true! Thanks to you, for making my dreams come true!

All the best!
Jenni Torlone


TUMELO - SOLD Friesian TUMELO - Sold Congrats to Monique & Family in WA!


Tabe Ster AND Sport - SOLD Friesian Tabe Ster AND Sport - Sold Grats to Judith in WA!!


MEINDERT BSF - SOLD Friesian MEINDERT BSF - Sold Congratulations to Ginger in NC!
We just purchased our first Friesian horse from Janna Weir in California and wanted to comment on this adventure. We lost our last horse about a month ago after having him at our home in Matthews, NC for 20 years. My wife wanted another horse since she has been riding since she was 5 years old. I know how much horses mean to her so told her to start looking. Somehow she ran across the Friesian horse breed and since she wanted a broke horse just for pleasure riding on our property, she started calling local barns in our area. Then she saw one of Janna’s adds online and called her up. She was impressed with Janna after the first call and when I got home from travelling, told me to call her.
I am a salesman for machinery in the Carolinas for 50 years, so I can size up people pretty fast. Janna was very impressive from day one. Once I started looking her up and reading about her Friesian business and experience, I told my wife this is where we buy a Friesian horse.
Janna will help you find what you are looking for and work getting it done. She went overboard with us to make sure the buying of this horse was according to plan, and helped us all the way through getting him delivered from Florida to NC. I told her we were nuts buying a horse like this one sight unseen, but we trusted her since she has been selling these horses for about 30 years. She told me 85% of her customers buy from watching a video of the horse, which is what we did.
When the horse arrived last Monday night at 12 pm, we couldn’t have been more surprised at how mild mannered he was, and he adapted to his new home right away. He is every bit what Janna said he would be and more. 9 hours later we had a saddle on him and walked him around. He even followed me around with out a lead rope. We are tickled pink and will enjoy this beauty for many years.
I cannot recommend Janna enough. She is very sweet and answers your questions. IF she doesn’t know the answer, she says so. That’s what I like about her, she is honest. If we buy another horse, it will be from her.
Lester and Ginger Wright
Matthews, NC


Jesse Elviera SPORT - SOLD Friesian Jesse Elviera SPORT - Sold Grats to Leslie on her 2nd friesian from BSF!


Sjirk STER and SPORT - SOLD Friesian Sjirk STER and SPORT - Sold


Beth really loves her boy.  He is very happy.  She is in love.

He is really just BEAUTIFUL! 


-Maxie in Athens, GA



Hotse - SOLD Friesian Hotse - Sold

I cannot recommend Janna and her company Fairytale Friesians highly enough. Hotse is not just my first Friesian, he is my first HORSE. He was everything Janna told us he would be and more. He has a forever home with me, and is perfect in every way. I truly cannot believe how stunning, sweet, kind and playful he is. 


I had originally planned to go to Holland myself to find my first Black Pearl (with my trainer). Janna helped my trainer find another Friesian for a student of his a number of years ago, and he had a wonderful experience with her, so contacted her to see if she had any horses that would be right for me. I knew immediately that Hotse was my horse, but if you would have told me three months ago that I would be buying my FIRST horse sight unseen, I would have said you were nuts. However, after doing my due diligence, including uncovering Janna's excellent reputation in the horse industry, I felt it was the right thing to do - and I honestly feel that it's been the best decision of my life thus far. As that little girl so many of us were that begged for a pony from the time she was two, this horse has been a VERY long time coming. So I was putting a lot of eggs in this basket. All my fears were for naught! Janna has all of the connections in the Friesian world that are only gained through decades of trust and relationship building. 


Janna will happily guide you through the whole process - vet checks, flight/importation, quarantine, etc. - she helps with all the details. Except to help with paperwork and personal preference for final delivery, there is very little that you will have to do except get the carrots and apples ready. She obviously has a VERY high standard for the quality of Friesians she imports - as evidenced by the exquisite creature that was delivered to me just one month ago!


Thank you for my Hotse, Janna! My horse for life. 

-Mary Patricia, Noblesville, IN


Records 1 to 10 of 744

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