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Many of these photos are of our happy customers with their new friesians!
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Xzootos - SOLD Friesian Xzootos - Sold Sold to Medieval Times

It is nice to have horses added to our show that we can integrate quickly due to their solid dressage training foundation.
David Jay
Head Trainer Medieval Times


Midnight Dream - SOLD Friesian Midnight Dream - Sold Sold to Medieval Times in Baltimore

We look forward to having your friesian be the headliner at our new Medieval Times castle opening in Baltimore.
David Jay Head Trainer Medieval Times


Tjeerd - SOLD Friesian Tjeerd - Sold Sold to WA

Tjeerd, our first Friesian, has only been a part of our family for a month, but already he is my best friend. He is kind, energetic, fair,sweet, gorgeous, willing, and has a great deal of spirit. Watching him float-trot around playfully shaking his head in the pasture, or thundering over the hill with the other geldings, always lifts my heart. For a very recent gelding (who became one only six weeks ago in Holland) he is remarkably well-behaved. He is taking to his Parelli Natural Horsemanship training with ease, and, though green, is doing very well under saddle. He is wonderful fun. If I could I would spend all day with him! My mother and I are his co-owners, and he is the horse we have dreamed of all our lives. What a privilege to get to play with such a delightful steed! I can't wait to take him to our first medieval games tournament, and our first dressage show . . . life is good when you are in the company of a Friesian. Thank you Janna, for matching us to the perfect horse for our needs. Someday we hope to find a mare with you!
- Corrie, happy customer in Washington

5 years later..................................................

Alas, having three Friesians proved to be one too many Boards to pay, and I sold him last month to the nicest lady in the world (well besides you!) and he is the Prince of her stable :) . . . a sweeter horse you will never meet.
I wanted you to know that Tjeerd appears in a cameo in "Dark Horse", if and when you ever see the movie, he is the horse at end in the white trailer. Beautiful closeup of his lovely loving face . . . sniff . . . oh, how I miss him! Thanks for 5 years with such a fabulous First Friesian!
Corrie in WA


Dam Dries - SOLD Friesian Dam Dries - Sold Congrats to Diane in SC on her BSF gelding's World and National Championships!

Congrats to Diane and trainer, Cheryl, in S.C. on their incredible success with Dam Dries, including his World and National Championships titles from the IFSHA Grand Nationals in St Louis, and the Liberty Championship at the FHANA Friesian Extravaganza in Springfield, Ohio!!!

 I wanted to let you know that Dam Dries K  won at the FHANA World Show.  It was a huge class split 3 times.   Dam Dries K was awesome, he won it!  He had some really tough competition.  I will send his pictures!  This was my first time in the liberty class and we only trained for 2 weeks!  I had so much fun with that!
-Cheryl, Dam Dries' trainer in S.C.

Dam Dries K, Maverick, is now owned by Jordan  of Hartwell, GA. Maverick has countless titles at many national and regional competitions. Maverick can do it all from liberty to Huntseat. Maverick has shown in Pleasure Driving, Liberty, and Saddleseat. Jordan is now riding Maverick in Dressage and Huntseat.  Maverick has a very athletic build and he will do anything you ask of him. Jordan enjoys spending time with Maverick and spends hours grooming and riding him bareback. Maverick truly is a dream horse!


Records 741 to 744 of 744

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